Top 10 Canada Visa Mistakes (Avoid!)

Top 10 Canada Visa Mistakes (Avoid!)

If there is one thing that’s truly heartbreaking is getting your Canada visa application denied because of small mishaps. The time, money, and effort that you invested in your application process all go to waste, and you need to start from square one.

Missing documents, following requirements incorrectly, missing deadlines and more, are all common mistakes made by thousands of applicants each year. If you want to avoid such a situation, you should be aware of what mistakes you shouldn’t make. Also, you can always hire an RCIC to review and submit your Canada visa application correctly.

Below you will find a top 10 list that we compiled of the most common visa application mistakes people make every year. We hope this provides you with some helpful guidance:

Not following rules and instructions

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If you already started your Canada visa application, you’re probably aware of the load of requirements and instructions you must follow. If you don’t know how to get Canada visa yet, well, there’s a lot of work ahead of you.

We recommend creating a checklist with a list of requirements and submission deadlines so you could track your progress. Also, keep in mind that the government may require additional documents (such as biometrics) after you submit your application. If you apply for a Canada visa without completing all the requirements, this may lead to processing delays and even an immediate rejection.

Remember that there are no shortcuts and if you fail to submit one document because “it’ll be okay” – you will be greatly disappointed. If there is something you’re unsure about, you can always consult with Canada immigration consultants.

Hiring an illegitimate immigration consultant

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Many applicants opt to seek assistance from an immigration agency or hire a law firm to guide them through their application process. This is especially helpful when English is not your first language or when you’re dealing with a complicated immigration process.

Unfortunately, alongside many good agencies and firms, you will also find some illegitimate ones who use unregulated consultants (you can read our blog post: Look Out for These Immigration Scams)

Make sure that you hire Canada immigration consultants who are licensed and regulated under the ICCRC. A legitimate consultant will be able to review, optimize, and submit your visa application for you, as well as provide you with professional guidance.

Submitting wrong documents and unsigned forms

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Submitting the wrong papers is, without a doubt, a grave mistake that can result in visa rejection. Before submitting your Canada visa application, review everything that you prepared even if you’re 100% confident that it’s all ready. It would also be helpful if you had another pair of eyes to review those papers for you, such as a family member or friend.

Remember that you are applying alongside thousands of others. The more professional, accurate, and on-point you are with your visa application, the better you will look in front of the immigration officers observing it.

Expired supporting documents

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This is one of the easiest mistakes to make. It’s important to remember that certain documents have expiry dates, such as your police and medical clearances (6 months).

Depending on the complexity of your immigration process, we understand if you might feel exhausted. You might feel the urge to submit everything and hope for the best. However, take a moment before to make sure all your documents are still valid.

If you send expired documents when you apply for Canada visa, the decision on your application may be delayed, or worst, get rejected. To avoid this mishap, you can go over your documents beforehand or prepare some supporting documents shortly before the day of submission.

Misinformation or inconsistent details

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The Canadian immigration law may consider this a serious offense. Why? because the IRCC depends on the information you provide to understand who you are as a person. The information you provide is a reflection of your image and will serve you as a first impression to the immigration officers.

As an applicant, you’re expected to be truthful and consistent with the information you provide about yourself.

If your case officer notices inconsistencies, missing details, or contradicting information, they may completely reject your Canada visa application or worst – prevent your possibility to apply for Canada visa a second time. You may be banned from entering Canada for a minimum of 2 years, depending on how serious your case is.

However, there are exceptions. If you miss providing certain types of information, you may be required to explain why it’s missing. You will be required to explain when said information will be available. However, don’t count on kindness and patience. Make sure that everything you submitted is an accurate representation.

Translation problems

Documents with gibberish

Many immigrants come from countries that don’t have English as the official language. It means that personal documents like birth, marriage, and education certificates are available in their respective national language. However, Canada only accepts documents in English or French languages.

When you submit your Canada visa application, all documents should be translated to either of Canada’s official languages. Along with the certified copies of the original documents, an affidavit from a legit translator should also be included in the submission. If the translations are incomprehensible, your application won’t be accepted.

Not disclosing the real purpose of travel

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A common request for applicants by many countries around the world – the immigration officers will want to know the purpose of your travel to Canada. Is it for leisure, work, or are you planning to stay and live there? If you don’t state your reasons clearly, and provide evidence to back up your intentions, your case officer may deem you untruthful and may suspect that you have unlawful plans.

This can result in your visa application being denied right away. You have to prove, in good faith, that your intentions are exactly as presented. Remember, honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to Canadian immigration.

Lacking proof of employment status

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Sometimes, applicants fail to show proof of their employment status. It can delay the process of your visa application. It won’t matter if you have excellent bank statements. If there is something you need to declare, such as a small business, make sure that you can provide copies of your business registration. You have to show the source of your income to prevent yourself from being questioned. Don’t make them raise their eyebrows at you.

Uncertain financial records

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This error is related to the lack of proof of your employment status. Immigration officers can deny your application if you have a questionable financial history, especially if you don’t have a job. If you apply for a visa, you need to prove that you can financially support yourself and any other joiners during your travel to Canada. In addition to declaring your employment history, you must also disclose your salary and show your bank statements.

Missing the deadlines

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This can be a complicated one. During the hassle of gathering everything you need, you may forget that some documents must be submitted on or before a certain date. You also need to take into account the time it would take to obtain these documents, to be able to submit them on time.

Deadlines are extremely important for your visa application process to continue smoothly.  
The Canadian immigration officers are strict about deadlines due to the many applications they need to process. If you don’t submit on time, the process of your application will be delayed, and the waiting time will become longer than it should. So, create a timeline for your immigration process and follow it accordingly.

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Avoid making common errors when applying for a Canadian visa. If you require assistance obtaining documents, translations, exams, and clearances, you can consult with our team at UIS Canada to help facilitate your process.

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