Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulate the use of UIS Canada websites and offered products, and any relationship between UIS Canada and the user (for easier legibility sometimes referred to as "you"). If you do not agree or accept any part of the Privacy Policy, you may not use the website or any of the products or services of UIS Canada. Use of such is deemed waiver of any rights or requirements under any laws (including regulations or caselaw) in any jurisdiction which contradict this Privacy Policy or any laws requiring an original (non-electronic) signature or delivery or retention of non-electronic records, to the extent permitted under applicable mandatory law. If there is any limitation under any applicable law prevents or limits your ability to be bound by the Privacy Policy or any part thereof, you may not use any of UIS Canada’s websites or offered products or services and by using such you hereby explicitly represent and warrant that you are in full compliance with any applicable laws (including regarding limitation applied on your ability to enter into agreements or using such due to age or any other limitation under law).

UIS Canada endeavors to ensure the privacy, confidentiality and security on its websites and of its clients at any time.

  1. Upon registration with us you acknowledge your agreement to share certain private information which we use for the purpose of confirming your identity and ensuring the security of your deposits. This information is collected in line with our stringent verification procedures which are used to deter money laundering operations and ensure legality.
  2. You undertake to supply us with true, updated and accurate information about you identity.
  3. Our data collection procedures include the collection of client’s freely disclosed information and we may do independent research and ay cookies for the purposes of gathering data about the manner in which your interact with us on our website. The collection of information may also be used to be able to supply you with suggested additional products.
  4. We will never disclose any private or otherwise confidential information related to you to third parties without your express consent (and purchasing additional services will be deemed consent to transfer required data to any third party supplying you such services), except where disclosure is a requirement under law, or is otherwise necessary in order to perform verification analysis of your identity.