7 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Mental Health

7 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Managing your health under stress can be challenging. The daily grind can wear you down, from family and work troubles to housework, commuting, sicknesses, home maintenance, and other concerns. Travel in Canada can do wonders for your mental health.

If you feel you don’t get any further in life or are weary of where you’re right now, a change of scene is best. Although taking a trip may initially seem like trying to escape your difficulties, the reality is quite the contrary. Here are seven ways travel can improve your mental health, plus what you need to know about a Working Holiday Canada.

1. The Thrill of Anticipation

Simply planning a trip can significantly improve your mood as opposed to thinking about another tough day in the office. Studies show that individuals are happier when they have a vacation planned because they anticipate a good time. Having a trip coming up can improve your attitude and health, finances, and quality of life.

2. Being in Charge of Your Life

Even though organizing a trip can initially feel overwhelming, facing up to travel-related hurdles has its advantages. It gives you a sense of power and being in charge of your life. Success outside your comfort zone also increases resilience, making you more capable of handling any situation.

Hailing a taxi without speaking the local language or haggling at a market can increase confidence, control, and more. Accomplishing goals on your travels can help you manage simple day-to-day tasks. When you return home, you might discover that the difficulties you overcame abroad have increased your general happiness.

3. Increased Originality

Going on vacation distinctly affects creativity, as our brains are receptive to change. Experiencing new things on your travels allows you to use mental faculties that may have been dormant during times of relative monotony. The Atlantic reported that traveling alters the way your cerebral networks interact.

New experiences spark fresh ideas, emotions, and even thoughts, improving creativity. Your mental health may also benefit as a result, as artistic pursuits help fight depression.

4. Making Friends

You’ll likely make friends when you choose to travel in Canada and other destinations, and going on a group trip can help you cement existing friendships. It can be much simpler to approach and meet travelers and local people in a new location because there are so many topics to discuss. While traveling on your own has its appeal, having a travel partner can also be pleasant. 

A unique experience like visiting a different world region can strengthen relationships. This effect is not unique to traveling with a partner; you can share the same experience with friends or family.

5. Stress Reduction

Travel provides an escape from the pressures of daily life. Getting away for a few days will help you feel less stressed at work. Even brief vacations can help you relax, giving you much-needed rest.

If you continuously complain about not having time to travel, change how you think and set your sights on a weekend getaway. Even staying in your city for an extra day and pretending to be a tourist can positively impact your disposition. It all boils down to getting out of your everyday rut.

6. Lower Prices

Depending on where you go, traveling can also give you access to high-quality services that are far more affordable than those in western nations. This includes luxurious resorts and spas where you may unwind, recharge, and de-stress. While traveling may enhance mental health in many ways, seeking professional assistance for serious problems is still the best course of action. 

Of course, you can accomplish both simultaneously, but it’s crucial to realize that going it alone with severe issues might not be the best solution. Special treatment facilities abroad can provide top-notch mental health treatments cheaper than at home. You can receive attentive care in a tranquil new setting, far from the original causes of your stress in your home country.

7. Fun Facto

It may seem obvious, but you shouldn’t disregard it. Simply put: travel in Canada and elsewhere is fun. While exhaustion results from hard work, monotonous routines can also cause it. On the other hand, pleasant encounters typically result in a more profound sense of happiness.

Worth more than material things, experiences gained on vacation can genuinely make people happier.

Working Holiday Canada

working holiday visa canada

The Canada working holiday scheme is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Canadian culture and way of life. With a working holiday visa, you can work and travel in Canada for up to two years. The International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday operates on a quota system, and only a certain number of visas are available each year.

Basic Requirements

  • Aged between 18 and 35 (may differ depending on your homeland)

  • You must be a national of an entitled country and have a valid passport

  • Have no major medical issues and no criminal record

Able to sustain yourself while in Canada and have private health insurance coverage

Why a Working Holiday Canada Visa?

Traveling can be heavy on your pocket. Therefore, finance your trip by combining travel and work with a temporary working visa in Canada. It enables you to make money while discovering a new nation and gives you access to various experiences you couldn’t afford otherwise.

Many reports are starting to reveal that pursuing a career abroad while traveling is extremely popular and liberating. It can help you learn new skills. Combining work and travel in Canada, you can take a page from locals’ books and apply it to future jobs in your home country.

A year or two spent working and exploring Canada is a life-changing experience. Canada is a beautiful location teeming with welcoming people and fascinating cultures.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with UIS Canada if you’re considering combining work and travel in Canada. We have a new Work & Travel Premium Package that includes the following:

  • Full working holiday visa service
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  • A personal travel concierge
  • A sightseeing tour with Landsea Tours
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