The 4 Best Apps to Learn English Before Moving to Canada

The 4 Best Apps to Learn English Before Moving to Canada

Most emigrants could easily list a hundred reasons that cause fear of leaving home and moving to a new, unknown place. But guess what, our capability of interacting within communities influences all these challenges, from making friends and choosing a doctor to landing a job.

Learning and speaking English is a vital component of the settling process since it allows expats to secure better employment, engage in community events, and express themselves.

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To have fun while studying the language, here are the top 4 apps for learning English.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the most well-known program, and the way it employs is unique, as the app will not provide you with any translations in your mother tongue. This is a cold-turkey approach in which you are completely immersed in the language and have no choice but to learn it. The program comes with exercises that will assist you in learning essential words before moving on to building phrases and sentences.

Rosetta Stone employs the Dynamic Immersion® approach, which uses ongoing communication with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You must take turns understanding spoken sentences, deciphering visuals, or repeating sentences in the interactive tasks, and get an evaluation of your pronunciation right after speaking a sentence.

You can also choose a topic that best suits your interests, e.g., travel, work, family, etc.

Live classes and one-on-one coaching with expert tutors will help you improve your conversational skills and prepare you for real-life English interactions. The cherry on top is Rosetta Stone’s offline practice function (audio companion), which includes artful stories that you can read first, listen to, and record and assess yourself.

Here are Rosetta Stone’s costs at a glance:

  • Self-studying for three months: €11.99

  • Self-studying for a year: €15.75

  • Self-studying for life: €349

  • Self-studying and coaching for three months: €89.01

  • Self-studying and coaching for a year: €299.04

  • Self-studying and coaching for life: €478


Gymglish walks you through the English language with audio files, engaging movies, and wonderfully written stories. If you need a daily kick to stay on top of your game, you’re in excellent hands with Gymglish.

As a subscriber, you’ll get a personalized lesson every morning in your inbox or on your Gymglish app. After finishing a day’s course, the app provides professional correction and thorough explanations.

You may add any unknown word to your digital vocabulary notebook, which the app will translate later when you do the exercises. Your memorized vocab is always available to you, and you can use it whenever you want. Whether A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2 – you’ll get a certificate identifying your current English language level at the end of a Gymglish English course.

Gymglish offers a basic price of €14 a month, a premium fee of €21 per month, and a pro tariff of €35 per month – the choice is yours.


Any modern English lesson comes closest to an actual classroom experience with Lingoda. You’ll learn in small groups that meet for 60-minute sessions on Zoom, an online conferencing technology.

You’ll receive personal help from your teacher thanks to small groups of up to five people. All of your tutors are native speakers who’ll provide fast feedback on your pronunciation and grammar.

You’ll master grammar and vocabulary, plus how to prepare for practical conversation in everyday life and at work. Your particular hobbies will also influence how your program is designed.

After registering, you can take a free placement test to assess your current CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) before choosing the difficulty or degree and may design your lesson plan yourself.

As the teachers live in different time zones, Lingoda can offer classes at any time of the day or night. Individual sessions are also available if you, for example, need feedback on your application papers for a US-based job.

You can download all the teaching materials from your Lingoda classes for free – anytime. Plus, you’ll get a hands-on quiz at the end of each class to put your new skills to the test. Besides, you’ll get a CEFR-based certificate for each level you complete. And thanks to a partnership, you can take a test called Linguaskill right on the platform. Both employers and international institutions acknowledge it to assess applicants’ command of English.

A monthly Lingoda subscription is available for €8 per lesson. Marathon subscriptions for three months cost €6 per lesson, and you can also choose sprint subscriptions and high refunds should you need them.


The e-learning platform Babbel is one of the most popular language-learning apps. The award-winning app with entertaining live lessons allows you to learn English in a group or on your own.

You can practice your pronunciation skills with voice recognition and one-on-one training with real teachers. They give you prompt feedback in live coaching sessions, so you can quickly enhance your conversational skills.

Babbel guarantees that your learning experience will not be dull thanks to various learning activities, such as podcasts, games, and test classes. Short lesson units of 10-15 minutes make it easy to integrate them into your daily routine and tailor them to your needs.

Following a brief self-assessment to get you started, you may dive right into the Babbel exercises, e.g., speaking with the app, forming sentences from building blocks, or having fun with engaging stories, where the app asks you to respond to questions or match synonyms.

You can easily navigate between topics like travel, people, business, and country.

Here’s what Babbel costs:

  • €12.99 per month for three months (one person)

  • €12.99 each month for three months (Babbel for two)

  • €9.99 per month for six months (one person)

  • €14.99 per month for six months (Babbel for two)

  • €6.99 per month for twelve months (one person)

  • €9.99 each month for twelve months (Babbel for two)

  • €99 One-month online coaching

  • €59.83 Six-month online coaching

  • €49.92 One-year online coaching

You’d better include professional English lessons if you wish to live and work in Canada. Got any immigration-related questions? Reach out to UIS Canada’s immigration service experts.