Updated: April 29th, 2021

New Open Work Permit for Hong Kong Residents

Canada has always been immigrant-friendly. In fact, its growth and success as one of the world’s most prominent countries lie with its people. As such, it comes as no surprise that Canada always strives to build lasting relationships with nations from around the world. 

One of the many countries that Canada works with is Hong Kong. If you are a citizen from Hong Kong, there are many programs and services available that will help you settle in Canada. Recently, a new public policy opens doors to young people in HKSAR. 

No matter if you are a student with a degree, or a person looking to settle down after your studies, you can be a part of Canada’s society. One way you can do this is by applying for a 3-year open work permit.

Deciding on a new country to call your home is a big decision. It involves a lot of emotional turmoil and adjustment. As young professionals or fresh graduates, relevant work experience becomes a priority and your main advantage as you build your career and life.

There are professionals with proper knowledge and experience to help smoothen this process for you. Here at Universal Immigration Services Canada, we specialize in handling numerous immigration cases and assisting in obtaining an open work permit Canada.

A Brief History between Canada and Hong Kong

Building relationships takes time and work. The same goes for building lasting connections with other nations. Canada – Hong Kong relations go way back to the 20th century. Canada and Hong Kong are historically tied with the British Empire as well. 

Canadians also took part in the Battle of Hong Kong during WW2. It’s safe to say that mutual interest and commemoration bind the two countries together.

Canada’s ties with Hong Kong resulted in a wave of Canadian immigrants into Hong Kong. In fact, it became one of their prime locations. Almost 300,000 Canadians are in Hong Kong. On the opposite side, in 2020, Canada processed around 12,000 TRVs from Hong Kong SAR despite the threat of the Coronavirus.

The efforts don’t stop there. Canada’s Immigration programs include the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. This provides opportunities for new open work permits for Hong Kong students and youth interested to be in Canada. 

The Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, the Hon. Marco E. L. Mendicino, states that he wants to welcome new individuals from Hong Kong. He has shown full work in strengthening the new Hong Kong pathway as students from Hong Kong made a big impact and contributions to Canada’s growth.

The more opportunities Canada provides you in Hong Kong, the more options you have in starting a new beginning in the Great White North. So, how to get a temporary work permit in Canada?

The Open Work Permit Canada

This kind of work permit allows you, a Hong Kong resident, to legally live and work in Canada. There are many kinds of Canadian work permits with different rules and requirements. If you want to start studying and earning money in Canada, this permit is ideal for you.

An open work permit allows you to work with ANY eligible employer in Canada. The popular approach when immigrating to Canada is finding a job beforehand. If you find a job first, this will result in a more job-specific work permit from your employer in Canada.

However, with the open work permit, you don’t need to have a job beforehand. You can search for a job after you made it to Canada.

If you would like to get a job offer first, this will affect you in 2 ways:

  1. You must find an employer, running a legitimate business (according to Canadian conditions), who has excellent compliance with Canada’s employment standards.
  2. The job search may consume valuable time. You may also risk communication with illegitimate businesses, conmen, and thieves. However, there are several well-known websites you can search through: Job Bank, Indeed, and Eluta.

This work permit comes with advantages. For one, you are free to change employers as long as the permit is valid. You don’t need to submit the mandatory LMIA document and evidence that states your employer extends your employment.

Types of Open Work Permit

Canada greatly focuses on personal and public health, and location provisions per territory. So, there are two types of open work permits for Hong Kong immigrants. 

Unrestricted Permit

This type of permit allows you to work in any location and in any eligible occupation in Canada. You need to pass the medical assessment that guarantees your health conditions are safe for work. The approval of the permit is permissible on your medical condition and standing. 

Restricted Permit

This permit has some limitations. There are limitations on where you can work and the eligible work you can do. If you fail to comply with a medical examination, the restricted permit applies. This also relates to any personal health issues that can affect individual and public safety.

Whatever type of permit you have, the intention is always to give you various ways to build a life in Canada. At the same time, this protects your welfare and rights as a worker and possibly a student in the country. 

New Open Work Permit Canada Initiative for Hong Kong Youth

Many people are eligible for an open work permit, but the initiative is designed to target youth from Hong Kong. As a Hong Kong student, Canada gives you many prospects to earn money and eventually become a permanent resident (if willing).

A 3-year permit can give you enough experience and time to be in Canada. However, there are necessary conditions and requirements to get be qualified for this permit. You should:

✔︎ Be an international student with a post-secondary studies degree from an eligible institute

✔︎ Diploma from a 2-year program from an eligible institute if you don’t have a degree

✔︎ Have a valid passport from Hong Kong SAR 

Also, expiration dates are crucial in your application process. A valid open work permit for this program should last at least 3 years. However, the validity of your passport directly impacts the validity of your permit. For example, if your passport will expire within 2 years, your work permit application will hold for 2 years as well. 

3-Year Open Work Permit Application Guidelines

Your current location affects your application too. Since there is an ongoing international threat to safety and health (Covid-19), certain provisions are in place for new immigrants. This is what you need to know if you’re in one of these 2 situations:

Permit application when you’re inside Canada

✔︎ Valid visa statuses like a visitor, student, or worker standing

✔︎ Visa is not expired

✔︎ Status restoration 

If you are finishing a degree and you want to gain more funds, this is an open avenue for you. You can get a temporary work permit in Canada to signify that you need to support yourself. Canada also has available methods for permanent residency should you choose to settle down in the Great White North.

Permit application when you’re outside Canada

✔︎ Introduction Letter for your permit

✔︎ Valid job offer

✔︎ Eligible to work after completing the mandatory 14-day quarantine

The beginning of the pandemic changed a lot of restrictions. This also added more changes to travel activities and border controls that affect the initiative. Nevertheless, Canada still welcomes Hong Kong Immigrants into the country. 

Open work permit for spouse of international student in Canada?

Who says you need to go alone and start over by yourself? If you have a spouse, it’s possible to bring them with you!

Canada offers an open work permit for the spouse of an international student in Canada. They can work while you study and finish the degree you are enrolled in. Canada allows you to have your spouse by your side even if you are a foreign student without permanent residency in Canada. 

Get Your Open Work Permit from Hong Kong!

We want to make things easier for you by offering our professional services and various experiences in helping other Hong Kong Immigrants just like you.

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What is the pool?
To be included in the pool you must qualify for one of the specific immigration programs listed under Express Entry. You must also score a minimum of 67 points on your immigration profile. Points are awarded for educational and professional qualifications, work experience, age, language ability, and more. The Canadian government selects the most suitable candidates from the pool and issues them with an official invitation (known as ITA) to become Canadian residents.
How many points do I need to get selected?
The Express Entry system uses what it called the Comprehensive Ranking System, a formula that takes into account your education, skills and experience, those of your husband/wife or partner, and whether you have a specific job offer. These factors go to build up your score out of a possible maximum of 1200. As mentioned, the higher the points you score, the greater the possibility to be selected from the pool.
How long does it take to move to Canada?
The idea of starting a new life in Canada is very exciting. But please be prepared that getting selected for an immigration program takes time. This is why the Express Entry program is extremely popular - the Canadian government aims to select candidates within 6 months. Time may significantly vary between immigration programs; the individual process of each program, government policies, the complexity of your case, and more, may affect the time it would take you to move to Canada.
Are there any goverment fees?
Like many other countries worldwide the Canadian government charges fees for the processing of immigration entries. Depending on the specific program you entered, the size and age of your family, and more – you may need a few hundred to several thousand Canadian dollars. Please note that all government fees are non-refundable. This is one of many reasons you should prepare well for your immigration process, gain as much knowledge as you can, and if possible, seek help from professionals in this field.

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