How to Sponsor Your Spouse from Australia

How to Sponsor Your Spouse from Australia

There’s nothing like having your spouse beside you and starting your life together. However, what happens if you are in Canada, and your partner is somewhere else, like Australia? Your choice to start afresh in Canada with your spouse is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in life, and it’s not an easy process. Luckily, with enough help and preparation, sponsoring your spouse from Australia can be simple and manageable.

Despite the global issue of the Coronavirus, there are many couples that made a successful move (Canada is speeding up the processing of visa applications as well!). Canada always aims to increase the number by having more people from the other side of the world, over. Having your beloved spouse by your side can change the Canadian experience for you.

There are some matters in hand you need to prepare for. Sponsorship takes a lot of work and effort. There are many processes you need to do. Not to mention, these processes will cost you some money too. 

If you don’t have the time to sort out some things, a helping hand is always around for you. Here at Universal Immigration Services Canada, we have professionals who can walk you and your spouse through the process, so you don’t have to sweat it. 

Types of spouse sponsorships

There are classifications of spouse sponsorships in Canada. The two types of sponsorship that can apply to you and your spouse are based on your current location. 

An Outland Sponsorship means that you and your spouse are in Australia or another location while the sponsorship process is ongoing. An Inland Sponsorship is the opposite of the Outland Sponsorship. This means that you and your spouse are already together in Canada waiting for your visa approval.

Regardless of the difference in categories, approved sponsorship results are the same thing; Canada will grant your spouse a Canada Spouse Sponsorship Visa if your application is approved, and your spouse will receive Canadian permanent residency. Once this happens, you only need to wait for your loved one to join you in Canada.

Spouse Sponsorship Canada Requirements

Before tackling the actual visa application, you should always have a checklist prepared. This can serve as your guide in fulfilling the necessary conditions to become a visa sponsor to your spouse. Be sure to understand and meet all of the eligibility requirements, and, of course, keep your spouse in the loop, as they are a vital part of this process too. Next, we will list some of the most important documents for your checklist.

Conditions to make you an eligible sponsor to your spouse 

These are the conditions set by Canada to determine whether you are an eligible sponsor. If you fall short in any of them, you will probably need to wait for a different time or consider other visa types.

You must:

✔︎ Be at least 18 years of age

✔︎ Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada

✔︎ Be living in Canada

✔︎ Not be a recipient of social assistance (except for disability purposes)

✔︎ Be financially capable to support your spouse and applicable dependents

✔︎ FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS LIVING OUTSIDE CANADA: You need to prove that you will live in Canada with your spouse

Conditions that can make you ineligible to sponsor your spouse

Many circumstances can hinder you from being a valid sponsor, even when you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The eligibility conditions assure that you are in good character and capacity. That you can provide for the basic needs of your spouse during their undertaking.

Ineligibility Conditions:

✘ You are less than 18 years of age

✘ You are still handling an ongoing sponsorship responsibility with a previous spouse or partner

✘ You owe unpaid social assistance for previously sponsored individual/s

✘ You can’t support the basic needs of your spouse

✘ You have relevant criminal charges

Conditions for your spouse

You’re not the only one under the magnifying glass. Your spouse must meet eligibility conditions too to receive a Canada Spouse Sponsorship Visa. In a time where there are many forms of relationships, there are certain parameters designed to determine if people can apply for a Canada Spouse Sponsorship Visa. These parameters apply to any of the sexes:

✔︎ Your partner must be legally married to you, or in a de-facto relationship

✔︎ Your partner must be 18 years of age

Spouse Sponsorship Canada Processing Time

After you and your partner have met the eligibility requirements for a sponsorship visa, the waiting game begins. Processing your visa application and documents may take time. (However, Canada has been taking measures to reduce processing times because of Covid-19). 

For both Inland Sponsorship and Outland Sponsorship, it will typically take up to 12 months to get a final answer. You can check for updates on the status of your application with your personal immigration agent or with the Canadian immigration authorities.

Mark your calendar for a 12-month processing period but allow for certain adjustments. Depending on the complexity of your application, more time may be necessary to process it. Every application has a different pacing, but you will always get the results of your visa application. 

At UIS Canada, we offer professional services to make your visa application as effortless as possible. If you require assistance, we would be happy to help with your visa application for a Canada Spouse Sponsorship Visa. 

Spouse sponsorship Canada checklist

The forms and legal documents are the main bulk work of your visa application.

If you are eligible to apply for a spouse sponsorship, the application process will follow. This is the time where you prepare yourself with the necessary documents and submit your visa application.

For the sponsor

Are you the one sponsoring your partner? Great! These are the documents you will need to submit:

✔︎ IMM 1344 (Application to SponsorSponsorship Agreement, and Undertaking)

✔︎ IMM 0008 (Generic Application Form for Canada)

✔︎ eIMM 5669 (Schedule A)

For your spouse

Legal documents and other necessary supporting documents:

✔︎ Biometrics 

✔︎ Medical Exams 

✔︎ Police Certificates

Important tips before starting your sponsorship application

These tips can ensure that you avoid mistakes during your application process. It’s important to be as accurate and as thorough as possible. No mistake is too small. If you misplace or disregard a document, this may result in the disapproval of your Canada Spouse Sponsorship Visa. Take notes on these:

  • Always let respective people know about any life changes like the birth of a child, inability to submit your forms in time, etc.
  • We know that at this time, we are still experiencing a global pandemic. Be prepared for delays and some changes to your sponsorship application.
  • The Canada Emergency Response Benefit doesn’t fall under Social Assistance. Receiving the CERB doesn’t make you ineligible to sponsor your spouse.
  • There are no specific income requirements. You only need to show that you can provide for the necessities of your sponsored spouse and applicable dependents.
  • Always make sure that given information is accurate and up to date.
  • Some requirements have a time limit and you or your spouse need to comply with those to make sure that your application is valid.
  • For documents that come in a different language than English and French, an official translation should be present with the document.
  • Make sure that the forms are complete, and that you pay the required fees. Incomplete forms and unpaid fees will result in the return of your visa application.

Sponsor your spouse and build a home in Canada!

Time always seems to move slower when you don’t have your partner by your side!

Sponsor your spouse so you’ll get to enjoy beautiful Canada together.

At UIS Canada, our goal is to facilitate your sponsorship process and take on the hard work. We handle every kind of immigration program and have the means to facilitate complicated cases as well. We perform evaluations, assess your documents, optimize the application process, and communicate with respective Canadian authorities for you. All you need to do is relax and wait.

There is no better time than now to have your partner by your side. Canada is waiting for you and your beloved to be in the country together. Fast track your journey to being together forever with us at UIS Canada!