Moving to Canada from the USA? Here Are the 5 Fastest Programs

Moving to Canada from the USA? Here Are the 5 Fastest Programs

It’s no surprise that Canada has seen a surge in Americans wanting to immigrate to the neighboring country.

One of the world’s nations known for welcoming locals, Canada beckons with a better work-life balance, free universal healthcare, paid statutory vacations, and maternity leave. Moving to Canada from the USA, American citizens are spoiled for choice; they can choose from over 100 permanent residency pathways.

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Here are the five fastest programs, plus reasons to move to Canada from the USA.

Five Reasons for Moving to Canada from the States

Lower Cost of Living

Canada has a cheaper cost of living than the USA. The average monthly rent in Toronto is $1,100, as opposed to $2,400 in New York City, according to

Quality of Life

According to OECD data, Canadians live an average of 80 years compared to Americans’ 78-year-life.


Anyone who wishes to attend school can do so for free in Canada. Canadian students outperform Americans on international tests, claims the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Everyone in Canada gets healthcare regardless of their income level, thanks to universal healthcare. Prescriptions or doctor visits are not subject to out-of-pocket costs.


Compared with the States, Canada has substantially lower crime rates. Canada also has less violent and even fewer property crimes.

Is It Easy to Move from Canada to the US?

Moving to Canada is generally not too challenging. It’s simple to meet the conditions of an immigration stream because Canada is receptive to new immigrants and provides various immigration programs. You must still fulfill some requirements for the pathway you wish to apply for.

How do I move to Canada from the United States, you ask? Check out the following five pathways.

The Top 5 Five Pathways and Their Cost for Moving to Canada from the US

Numerous programs are available for Americans to move to Canada based on the immigrant’s qualifications. Therefore, you can choose the program that’s best for you. Here are the five best:

  1.   Temporary Foreign Worker Permit

A temporary foreign worker (TFW) is a person traveling to Canada from somewhere else to work there for a brief period. A TFW’s stay in Canada is typically between six months and two years. However, unless they qualify for permanent status, they must leave Canada once their time is up.

You must submit your application online at to become a TFW. Among the required documentation are your passport, address, employment eligibility, and criminal background check. Once your application is completed, you will be given a receipt number and details on how to make the payment.

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a letter verifying your situation. Moving to Canada as a temporary worker from the United States doesn’t cost much and takes around six months to process.

  1.   Express Entry

The simplest way to immigrate to Canada from the United States is through Express Entry. Based on the extensive ranking system, it’s a point grid system. As a result, applicants with the best scores are invited to apply for the draw every two weeks.

The processing of all express admission programs takes roughly six months. However, you must pay the fee, which is among the most affordable for Americans moving to Canada. These are the three express admission programs:

  •     Federal skilled workers program

  •     Federal skilled trades program

  •     Canadian experience class

  1.   Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Employers in Canada’s Atlantic region can hire foreign workers as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot scheme, provided they’re eligible. To be entitled to participate in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, US applicants must base themselves in an Atlantic province. Canada’s Atlantic provinces and territories include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

There’s a 12-month application period for this scheme. Also, moving to Canada from the United States costs nearly the same as participating in other programs. However, you must have confirmation from the province to learn the exact amount.

  1.   Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), a federal government initiative, assists provinces in getting and retaining highly qualified immigrants with experience in their specialization fields. It’s a way to help Canadian companies looking to fill positions with capable individuals. This program typically takes 12 months to process.

A candidate must fulfill specific standards and prove the skills necessary to contribute to Canada’s economic growth to be considered for nomination under the PNP. These include proof of significant ties to a province and having at least three years of full-time professional experience in the field of study. Speaking the language needed to interact with businesspeople is also a requirement.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate they have access to enough money to sustain themselves while moving to Canada. Application costs are not charged in connection with PNP visa requests. Moving to Canada from the United States through the PNP is therefore inexpensive.

However, applicants should budget about USD 700 for relocation expenses like accommodation, travel, or education.

  1.   Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

As the local community runs this initiative, Americans keen to use this scheme must be willing to reside in the program’s participating communities. Several of the communities taking part are:  

  • Altona/Rhineland, Manitoba

  • Brandon, Manitoba

  • Claresholm, Alberta

  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

  • North Bay, Ontario

  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

  • Sudbury, Ontario

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • Timmins, Ontario

  • Vernon, British Columbia

  • West Kootenay

This program takes between 12 and 16 months to process. But depending on the circumstances, it can take a while longer.

The grass is indeed greener in Canada; the cross-border trip is worth it. Numerous advantages are available to Americans residing in Canada, including low living expenses, high quality of life, an inexpensive, universal education, and an outstanding public health system.

Do you have any questions? UIS Canada specializes in helping people move to Canada. Whether you need assistance obtaining a visa or getting additional information on the programs, do get in touch with us here. We’re happy to help.