How to Hire a Professional Immigration Consultant?

How to Hire a Professional Immigration Consultant?

Applying for a visa to work and live in another country can be a complex and time-consuming process. Many people turn to the internet to apply for their visas, assuming that if they can apply online, it must be easy, right?

The truth is that it depends on the visa types you’re applying for. Visitor visas or ETA’s are extremely easy to obtain. However, permanent residency and work visas are a different story. In most cases, seeking an immigration lawyer to help supervise the process is strongly advised.

In this blog post we’ll provide some insight into the job of Canada immigration consultants. This guide may help you determine whether this is the right course of action for your immigration process.

Canada Immigration Consultants Main Duties

The immigration consultant is in charge of assisting people who are planning to relocate overseas. Their primary duty is to prevent any legal or bureaucratic issues from emerging or hindering your visa application. They are also responsible for guiding you throughout the process.  

The consultant’s job is to advise and direct you on how to acquire the necessary documents to move abroad and ensure your application is submitted correctly.

Every case is unique and requires its own kind of attention. Some of us have children, some have medical conditions, some are in the midst of a divorce… Canada migration services can be of great assistance especially in these complicated situations.

Here is a typical job description of Canada immigration consultants:

  • Your consultant is responsible for overseeing the completion of all necessary immigration procedures, ensuring every document and application are submitted according to government deadlines.

  • Your consultants is responsible for reviewing and optimizing your paperwork to ensure all details are correct and reflect your case clearly. Your consultant can also assist with obtaining translations.
  • Your consultant is responsible for helping you collect vital and time-sensitive documentation. They will check your deadlines and guide you towards the necessary sources. Depending on the type of documents, your consultant may be able to obtain some of them for you instead.
  • Your consultant, having extensive expertise and experience with immigration policies, will be able to advise and provide customized solutions in case of any changes. 

  • Your consultant can liaise with immigration officials in case your visa application was refused or policies have changed. As Covid-19 has taught us, this can be extremely useful.

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Advantages of Consulting with a Canada Immigration Agency


Time and Value

Employing a professional Canada migration agent may cost you more than doing it on your own, but the price you spend in the long term may be much higher if you accidentally make room for errors.

Even one minor mistake on your visa application can result in a visa denial. It could be a misplaced document, a date you forgot to mention, some minor inconsistency in your work history… And it’s costly. Your consultant can save you valuable time and money by reviewing and optimizing your documents.

Additionally, if you are not refused a visa, you may be billed by the immigration authorities for these small errors and required to repeat the process.

Quick and Easy Response

An immigration consultant is the next best thing to an immigration officer. While you must schedule meetings long in advance with regular immigration officers, your personal consultant can provide immediate assistance.

Normally, you should be able to reach your consultant by phone, email, or chat, depending on the available communication channels. Some companies are available to provide assistance even through social media.

Also, if your personal situation or visa requirements change, your consultant is responsible for giving you immediate updates and come up with possible solutions to help you complete your immigration process.

Assistance with an Appeal Process

After you have submitted a visa application that ended up being refused, your consultant can assist you in the legal process of overthrowing that decision.  Your consultant can request that your application be reviewed again and liaise with the immigration authorities on your behalf.

These specialists can save you time, effort, and frustration by delivering suitable services and assistance from the very beginning, until you can finally head off to your new life in Canada.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Canada Immigration Consultants

You can find many excellent Canada immigration consultants who provide a range of suitable immigration services. However, how can you choose the best Canada immigration consultants? The ones you know will be with you all the way?

Here are some important things to consider when choosing the right immigration consultants:

Examine Key Factors

Certifications – Check to see if the immigration consultant is approved by or licensed with the local government authorities and the immigration administrative authority, known as the RCIC.

The Workplace – It’s always more convenient to walk into an office. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some companies are currently operating online due to Covid-19. However, if you do get to visit the office, take note of the layout and aesthetics. Try to get to know the people who are working there. First impressions are everything!

Competence – A comprehensive background check is a perfect way to determine the consultancy’s wellbeing and credibility in the industry. Search online for positive reviews and even ask around if anyone has heard of the company. Here is some nice feedback given to UIS Canada for our services.

Have a Conversation

You can interview your consultant to assess essential factors such as their competence, accessibility, and commitment to assisting you.  Some specific questions to ask your consultants include their expertise, qualifications, legislative certification, their contact information, and rates.

Check Experience and Success Rate

Make sure that the Canada immigration agency you choose to work with is fully aware of current events and can offer proper assistance. For example, you can ask about the current immigration policies during Covid-19, what has changed, and what advice can they give you.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable company by your side can save you many resources, research, and energy.

Best Canada Migration Services You Can Work With

Hiring Canada immigration services provide a level of confidence and assurance in your immigration process. It can also take away a lot of stress and leave you time to attend to other important matters.

Understanding what is required for your specific case is crucial to the success of your visa application. If you decided that you would like to hire immigration professionals, we would be happy to stand by your side.

UIS Canada is a certified immigration company that provides extensive immigration services to prospective immigrants. We offer eligibility assessments, document collection services, legal assistance, C.V and career profile optimization, and more.

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