What is Working Holiday Visa Canada?

What is Working Holiday Visa Canada?

For most people, the idea of a vacation often involves a lot of preparation. You may know the feeling of having to overwork yourself for a 1-week vacation somewhere. No doubt that leisure should be earned, but it shouldn’t be this hard!

If you are thinking about switching up your routine or living someplace new for a while, the Working Holiday Visa may be for you. Canada invests resources in inviting young adults from all over the world to enjoy a very unique experience in the Great White North.

Canada’s IEC Program is your chance to live, work, and travel anywhere in Canada. This way, you have the opportunity to pay for your travels – as you travel!

What is Working Holiday Visa Canada?

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Canada offers many permanent and temporary immigration programs for foreign nationals. One of the most prevalent is the Working Holiday Visa Canada for young adults. This is 1 of 3 programs under the International Experience Canada (IEC).

The International Experience Canada (IEC) is one of Canada’s bilateral agreements with other nations. Canada works with partner countries to invite a pool of applicants to travel and work in Canada. This type of visa is an open work permit, and you have permission to work most jobs in Canada.

For young adults looking to take a gap year but would like to work and travel simultaneously, this opportunity is available for you. If you’re a traveler who doesn’t want to stay in one place, the visa allows you to do both.

On the other hand, if you are Canadian, you also have this arrangement with partner countries. The IEC program is also designed to encourage Canadian youth to explore and contribute to other countries.

Who Can Apply for the Working Holiday Visa?

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All applications require that you meet certain eligibility criteria. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting valuable time and money. Before looking at the Working Holiday Visa eligibility criteria, be sure to check the conditions of Canada’s IEC agreement with your country.

This is the eligibility criteria for the Working Holiday Visa:

✔︎ You are a citizen from a partner country or an eligible Recognized Organization (RO) by Canada’s IEC Program

✔︎ You are 18 – 35 years old

✔︎ You hold a valid passport

✔︎ You have no accompanying dependents

✔︎You have at least $2,500 in savings to fund your trip

Application Requirements

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We live in critical times around the world right now. With the ongoing pandemic and issues rising from COVID-19, certain measures and requirements are in place. For IEC participants, you need to comply with the entry requirements as well. Before borders allow you to enter, you should have the clearance and all the necessary documents ready: 

✔︎ You must have your valid passport and Working Holiday Visa permit

✔︎ You must not have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19

✔︎ You must have a plan to quarantine

✔︎ If vaccinated, you must bring vaccination proof

It’s best to clear yourself for a smooth entry to Canada by completing specific health requirements.

Good news! As of recent, Canada removed the job offer requirement for vaccinated applicants.

How to apply for Working Holiday Visa Canada?

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These are the 4 steps to apply for a Working Holiday Visa:

Step 1: Check Visa Requirements and IEC Agreement Conditions

Make sure that you fit the eligibility criteria for this visa, and familiarize yourself with the IEC agreement conditions with your country.

There is a common misconception that the IEC agreement conditions apply to every participating country. Make note of your country’s specific agreement, so you could make additional plans during or after your Working Holiday Visa trip.

Step 2: Create Your IEC Profile

Create your IEC profile and submit the required documents. During this process, you will be able to fill out your application form, which you need to submit along with your profile and documents.

Once you submit your application, you will enter the pool of candidates. Draws are typically done every 2 weeks completely at random.

Step 3: Wait for an ITA

Canada’s Immigration Authorities make the final decision on your application. If your profile is approved, they will send you an ITA – Invitation to Apply. This means that you can apply for the visa itself. You will have the choice to accept or decline.

As mentioned, there are 3 programs under the IEC. If you applied to more than one pool and got accepted into more than one, you will need to choose which of the invitations to decline, as you can only join one IEC program.

Step 4: Apply for the Visa

After accepting your ITA, you’re ready for the final stage. At this point, you need to submit some final documents before getting official approval. At this stage time is of the essence, so make sure to provide all documents while valid and within the required deadlines.

If you require assistance with this step, UIS Canada can help you acquire and submit all relevant documents. We can handle this step for you and thus, speed up your application process.

Apply for Your Working Holiday Visa

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Canada is never too far out of your reach. Thanks to the International Experience Canada, young individuals can work and travel in Canada through a variety of programs. Some offer unique internships and training as well.

Start your application with our team of professional consultants. Here at UIS Canada, we give more than our professional work to all aspiring candidates of the programs. 

The process can have some waiting time, and the requirements may be challenging to complete. As such, we are happy to provide any necessary assistance. Contact our team for a free consultation and quick eligibility check to proceed with your Working Holiday Visa application!