Looking for a Job in Canada Without Experience? You Can Find Them

Looking for a Job in Canada Without Experience? You Can Find Them

Canada is renowned for its excellent quality of life. It doesn’t just offer the right balance between work and play; it also has the ideal setting to soak up both. Plus, Canada is a genuinely tolerant nation that welcomes immigrants wholeheartedly. Most Canadians actually think that diversity strengthens a country, and they have long urged foreigners to settle there.

That’s great news, but what if you don’t have any work experience?

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While lacking experience makes it less easy to find a job, it’s far from impossible. Here are the jobs in Canada that don’t require expertise.

Jobs in Canada That Don’t Require Experience

Before hiring a new employee, most businesses want them to have experience. However, you can find jobs in these industries either way:

Food Industry Jobs

Are you looking to shift careers? Without experience, you can get lucky as a cook, hotel employee, waiter or waitress, marketing professional, or delivery driver. Canada is home to some of the most well-known eateries in the world. You’re likely to find employment in the Canadian food industry if you’re ready to learn on the job or do some additional training.

Here are Canada’s top five food businesses:

  1. Nestle Canada

  2. McCain Foods Limited

  3. Chef Connexion

  4. Kraft Heinz Canada

  5. Tyson foods Canada

Salary-wise, the average annual compensation in the Canadian food business ranges from $26,000 to $46,000 for new hires.

Gas and Oil Industry Jobs

Whether as an engineer, salesperson, technician, or maintenance worker, you can find jobs galore in the gas and oil industry – even without work experience, more so if you’re eager to learn on the job.

And these industries also need drivers, equipment operators, and project managers.

The most significant oil and gas companies on the globe are:

  • BP

  • Shell

  • Total

  • Exxon Mobil

Canada’s oil and gas industry pays employees between $33,654 and $58,354 annually.

Transportation Industry Jobs

You’re lucky if you lack driving experience and are looking for work in Canada. Numerous driving positions are available in this vast country without any prior experience. Having a valid driver’s license and a spotless driving record, plus passing a driving test, is all that’s required.

As a less experienced driver, you can frequently find work at smaller transportation firms or independent contractors. Several trucking companies even provide training programs to assist rookie drivers in getting the hang of things.

Becoming a driver for a delivery firm, a cabbie, truck or bus driver are some of the most typical driver jobs in Canada. Researching these positions before applying is vital because they all come with different perks and criteria.

A driver’s yearly income in Canada ranges from CAD 35,950 to CAD 48,784.

Healthcare Industry Jobs

If you don’t have any experience yet and want to work in healthcare, you might not know where to begin. Though working as a medical assistant is one of your options. Medical assistants fulfill various duties, including taking notes during appointments, organizing medical records, and preparing patients for tests.

And claims adjusters collaborate with insurance firms to evaluate and resolve claims. You might also think about working as an intern nurse if you don’t have any prior experience in the healthcare field. In hospitals and clinics, intern nurses treat patients from the time of diagnosis through recovery.

You’re most likely to land a job in these leading healthcare companies:

  • Abbott

  • Bausch Health

  • McKesson

  • Mount Sinai Health System

  • Philips Healthcare

In oil and gas firms, the average wage for new hires typically ranges between CA$35,000 and CA$55,000.

Construction Industry Jobs

Canada is the perfect place if you’re after a job in the Canadian construction industry but lack prior expertise.

Jobs like Carpenter, Electrician, Pipefitter, Roofer, Site Manager, Window Technician, Landscaper, and Mechanic, are all accessible without experience. You can also enroll in apprenticeship programs in Canada or find contract or temporary jobs. Alternately, you can join Canadian Diploma programs.

Canadian construction companies pay new hires an average salary between $33,750 and $43,920 annually. These are the top four construction firms in Canada:

  1. PCL Construction

  2. EllisDon Corporation

  3. Aecon Group Incorporated

  4. Ledcor Group of Companies

Engineering Industry Jobs

We have fantastic news for recent grads or those seeking a career shift: numerous engineering positions are available in Canada without prior experience. Some of the most popular engineering positions in Canada that don’t call for expertise are listed below:

  • Drafter

  • Engineering Technician

  • Project Manager

  • Junior Engineer

  • Construction Manager

  • Quality Control Engineer

  • Safety Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

These are top companies in the engineering industry that might have a job for you:

  • Aecon Group Inc.

  • Bantrel Co.

  • Ellisdon

  • GHD Group

The average yearly salary for engineers in Canada is between $32,853 and $66,476.

Manufacturing Industry Jobs

Switching careers in the industrial sector without expertise is surely possible. The manufacturing industry has several jobs that don’t require any prior experience. Actually, many positions in this sector call for little to no training.

The manufacturing industry employs a large number of people, including engineers, packaging staff, project managers, supply chain executives, export managers, R&D technicians, construction project managers, production managers, warehouse workers, and accountants.

In manufacturing firms, the average salary for employees without experience ranges from CA$23,500 to CA$31,200.

These are Canada’s best manufacturing companies to check out for career opportunities:

  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco

  • BASF Canada Inc.

  • Cisco Systems Canada Co.

  • Danone Canada

  • Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.

Do you have any questions about finding a job in Canada without work experience? UIS Canada is happy to help you find your feet. We can also help you visa-wise, should you need immigration-related assistance.