7 Reasons You Should Live in Toronto

7 Reasons You Should Live in Toronto

If there is one thing Covid-19 taught us is that taking control of our lives is a top priority; even if it means moving to a completely new country and starting over.

It may seem strange and terrifying to move to a new place, get a new job, and meet new people. But sometimes taking the dive is definitely worth it, instead of spending the rest of your life wondering what could have been.

Regardless of the reasons you’re exploring the option of moving to Canada, or more specifically, to Toronto, we hope that this blog post will help you make the best decision for yourself.

So, why do people move to Toronto? What is Toronto life like? And how to get a Canada visa to make this happen?

We will explore all of this and more below:

Reasons to live in Toronto

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Having a general idea of what to expect when moving to a new place can make your transition easier. We prepared 7 detailed reasons why living in Toronto is a great choice. However, if you won’t find what you’re looking for in Toronto, you can always visit our other blog posts about Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

As general background, Toronto holds the title of the most populous city in Canada, and one of the biggest cities in North America (besides New York and Los Angeles). It is the capital city of Ontario, and it has one of the biggest economies in Canada. Residents of Toronto enjoy a very comfortable climate. You will also find plenty of outdoor and indoor activities.

Job Opportunity and Salary

Of course, you can’t live anywhere without a proper job; Some of the largest industries in Toronto are Aerospace, Design, Education, and Financial Services. So, if you have expertise in any of these sectors, you will surely fit in. However, as with most major cities, you can find job opportunities in a variety of sectors and industries.  

If you are looking for a part-time job or an occupation that doesn’t require any particular expertise, salary-wise you will be at a good starting point; in Toronto, the minimum wage is CAD14.35 per hour. You can search for job opportunities in Toronto on the jobs.toronto.ca website.


Healthcare policies are probably a top priority for you right now, as with the rest of the world. Well, you might be happy to know that Toronto is known for medical professionals of the highest standards. The healthcare system as a whole is very good, too. Waiting times and bureaucracy may be difficult sometimes, according to some ex-pat reviews, but it seems to be satisfactory.

Toronto’s healthcare automatically includes coverage for: medically-essential services provided by a physician or performed in hospitals, medically necessary diagnostic services (such as blood tests and other lab procedures), some dental care services, sexual health, and pregnancy services, and more.


Toronto has some of the best-performing universities in the world. The University of Toronto is one of the most highly-respected and well-known institutions. In fact, it is listed at 17th place as one of the best universities in the world.

Elementary and post-secondary schools are highly praised as well for their efficient systems and unique programs for newcomers.  

In addition, you will find institutions that specialize in training programs for immigrants, such as Collège Boréal, Conestoga College, Humber College, Mohawk College, and more.

Overall, you will be able to achieve globally recognized degrees in most universities. This can open many career opportunities for you. Be sure to do your research on Designated Learning Institutions in Canada (DLI’s) that offer these types of degrees.


Toronto life is very diverse when it comes to its population and cultures. Out of 3 million residents, about half (51.5% in 2016) of the people in Toronto didn’t come from Canada. The city is considered to be one of the most multicultural demographics in the world. As such, there are plenty of ethnic neighborhoods in the city that will help you blend it.

You will find over 200 ethnic groups, and 140 languages spoken. Much of the population includes immigrants of South Asian, East Asian, and Latin American descent.


One of the answers to why do people move to Toronto is the climate!

Residents of Toronto enjoy all 4 seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This is contrary to many other parts of Canada, where people experience extreme weather conditions and don’t necessarily get to enjoy other seasons.

For instance, Nunavut is known for having the worst weather; it is the coldest place in Canada, where the temperature stays below zero for most of the year. Other places that don’t have an ideal climate are Manitoba; Ontario and Quebec have the worst winters; And Edmonton, Alberta.

Quality of Life

It’s a bit hard to assess the quality of life of any place. This is because we each have our own standards of what a good life should look like. However, there are some general factors we can look at when determining the quality of life in Toronto;

Toronto has been ranked at the top on multiple occasions, as a place with high living standards. These rankings were based on job opportunities, average wage, cleanliness, living costs, and more. Teleport has done a great visual analysis of the quality of life in Toronto.

Apply for Canada Visa – Start Your Toronto Life

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