Canadian Province Hosts Immigration Job Fairs

Canadian Province Hosts Immigration Job Fairs

Immigration to Canada may seem like an obscure dream today but New Brunswick
wants to translate that dream into a reality. New Brunswick companies and the Government of New
Brunswick have partnered to visit recruits in their home countries. These employers are
travelling the world in search of new talent, with five job fairs open for registration in May,
Economic migrants intend to make a financially sound change, not to lose money on a lengthy job
search or on an uninformed investment. These job fairs and informational sessions connect
immigrants with the opportunities abundantly available in New Brunswick.

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Life in New Brunswick
Located along the Atlantic coastline, New Brunswick is the only Canadian province or territory
which is officially bilingual, with significant French- and English-speaking populations.
Thriving rural industries support small-town life in New Brunswick and it is home to several
large cities.
The climate is notoriously mild along the Atlantic, with the warmest saltwater beaches in
Canada. Skiing resorts in the province’s interior Appalachian range rival the Alps, attracting
tourists from around the world.

If New Brunswick were an independent nation, it would be in the top 30 wealthiest countries in
the world, with a higher per-capita GDP than China and Mexico combined. Rental prices for homes
have dropped each year since 2014 and the cost of living is low. High median incomes, universal
health care and free education make it possible to build a better life in New Brunswick.

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New Brunswick Job Fairs connect immigrants with opportunities.

Job Fairs
Even though many businesses take Skype and phone interviews, face-to-face networking is the gold
standard for recruiting. This is especially true for immigrants who rely on a solid foundation
to move internationally. Job fairs are an opportunity for employers and potential employees to
Unlike local job fairs held by a university or town council, attendees must sign up ahead of
time. Registration to these fairs is limited to the list of professionals being hired. In
exchange, attendees get to meet with highly motivated recruiters. As of the date of publication,
there are spots available.

Informational Sessions
When informational sessions open, they are refined opportunities targeting highly skilled
immigrants with specific opportunities. A provincial government official details the nomination
process and explains what potential applicants can expect in every step of the way.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot might be discussed or employer-specific support. By visiting
immigrants in their home countries, New Brunswick recruiters engage with more candidates, anyone
from South African investors to Filipino health care workers.

Entrepreneurial Information Session
The investor visa program is open to any business owners or managers interested in opening or
buying a business in New Brunswick.
Foreign investors learn not only how to make their money count but also secure a network before
moving to Canada and open a dialogue with public officials. Unlike most other immigrants,
investors will spend significant sums of money to move and introduce risk to their portfolio.
These Entrepreneurial Information Sessions are designed to reduce that risk by providing the
experienced investors and managers with the tools needed to make smart, effective choices.

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Interview Days within Canada recruit to New Brunswick from other

Inside Canada, New Brunswick hosts Interview Days. Companies pool their recruiting staff to host
a full day of interviews. It allows New Brunswick employers to target recruitment and prepare
for a single trip.
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot and provincial nominee streams are open to applicants.
Different provincial nominee programs target graduates, investors and skilled workers. Once an
applicant is nominated by New Brunswick through one of the streams, they can apply directly for
a permanent resident card from Canada. The process is tied to the Express Entry system.


Job FairDatesRelevant Expertise
Amsterdam, NetherlandsAugust 14, 2019Transport truck drivers
Warsaw, PolandAugust 12, 2019Transport truck drivers
Kyiv, UkraineAugust 10, 2019Transport truck drivers
Manila, PhilippinesJuly 8-10, 2019Air Pilots and Technicians,
Home Care,
Health Care,
Marine Industry,
Food Services,
Cebu, PhilippinesJuly 12-13, 2019Air Pilots and Technicians,
Home Care,
Health Care,
Marine Industry,
Food Services,
Seoul, South KoreaJuly 21-22, 2019Customer Service
Health Care
Food Services