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UIS Canada at a Glance

At UIS Canada, we offer consultation services that can help you determine whether you qualify for immigration and your eligibility for existing programs. What could be a long and complex process becomes a straightforward and smooth journey.

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Pursue your academic dreams in Canada’s most prestigious establishments.

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Expand your horizons and gain more work experience by becoming a part of the diverse Canadian economy.

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Our Clients' Journeys

Your Immigration Journey

Create a comprehensive immigration plan by following these 3 easy steps. Each step will help determine how you should proceed.

  • Step 1 - The Initial Interview

    This step involves a 30-minute interview with a senior account manager, who will assess whether you qualify for immigration to Canada.

  • Step 2 - The In-Depth Evaluation

    The second steps involves an in-depth analysis of your immigration profile, followed by a comprehensive report detailing your eligibility for Canada's immigration programs.

  • Step 3 - Planning Your Journey Ahead

    Once we have determined the most suitable pathway for you, we will assist you with the rest of the process.

Visa Types

Looking to immigrate to Canada? Find the visa type that best suits your goals and skills. Skilled workers can be great candidates for the Express Entry programs, whereas family members can immigrate on different kinds of family visas.

Why You Should Partner with Us

At UIS Canada, we are well-versed in the IRCC’s guidelines and requirements for aspiring immigrants.

We can assess your chances of obtaining a Canadian visa and offer additional services if necessary. Our highly trained immigration teams have a proven track record of successfully supporting individuals and families in their move to Canada.

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Our consultancy agency’s core values are to provide our clients with an unparalleled experience by giving them the best tools and opportunities to turn their dreams into reality.

Your immigration journey starts with one consultation call, where we identify your potential and build your candidate profile.

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Clients' Reviews

What makes Us the Best in the Immigration Business?

With over 6 years of experience and a 97% success rate, we are confident in our ability to provide you with exceptional services.

  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients Worldwide
  • Knowledgeable and Highly Trained Immigration Experts
  • Six Years of Experience in the Immigration Industry

Sara K.

“They guided me through the whole process, explaining each step along the way and helping me get all the required paperwork ready. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, their team was always there to help, ensuring that everything was filled out correctly and submitted on time. Thanks to their expertise!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Express Entry program?
Express Entry is a fast and efficient immigration system introduced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in January 2015. Express Entry is a multi-factored ‘pool and points' system that the IRCC uses to select the most suitable candidates for immigration to Canada. Points are awarded for educational and professional qualifications, such as work experience, diplomas, age, language proficiency, and more. The higher your points – the better chances you have of getting selected for immigration.
What is the pool?
Candidates who qualify for one of the immigration programs under the Express Entry system will enter the 'pool of candidates'. To qualify, you must score a minimum of 67 points on your immigration profile. Points are awarded based on educational and professional qualifications, as well as your age, language proficiency, and more. The Canadian government selects the most suitable candidates from the pool and issue them an official invitation (ITA) to become Canadian residents.
How long does it take to move to Canada?
The idea of starting a new life in Canada is very exciting, but be aware that the immigration process can take time depending on your circumstances, the complexity of your case, and changing regulations. This is why the Express Entry system is extremely popular; waiting times are limited to 6-12 months, unlike other programs that may take over a year.
Which immigration program should I choose?
With over 60 available programs, this really depends on your future aspirations. However, every program demands that you meet certain criteria; your eligibility will be determined based on several factors, such as your professional expertise, academic qualifications, personal circumstances, and more. You can book a consultation to explore the different possibilities that Canada offers.
What about the professional immigration service fee?
If you decide to use a private immigration consultancy like us, you will incur additional fees besides the required government fees. The most important thing to research when looking for an immigration consultancy is whether they have Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), who are trained to handle complex immigration procedures. Additionally, be vigilant about immigration scams.
What happens next?
Getting in-depth information about Canada's immigration programs and understanding the process thoroughly will give you leverage. This will allow you to make calculated decisions and strategize your move to Canada. If you can navigate the system – you can navigate the rest of your new life.
Which programs are covered by Express Entry?
Express Entry is relevant for specific groups of candidates, including the Federal Skilled Worker Class, which is for professionals such as doctors and engineers; the Federal Skilled Trades Class, which includes skilled tradespeople like welders and plumbers; and the Canadian Experience Class, which is for individuals already working or studying in Canada and seeking permanent residency.
What are the Express Entry points?
The Express Entry system uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to reevaluate candidates who entered the 'pool of candidates'. This formula considers factors such as your education, skills, and experience, as well as those of your spouse or partner, and whether you have a specific job offer. Your score is calculated out of a maximum of 1200 points. Generally, the higher your score, the greater your chances of being selected from the pool.
Are there any government fees?
Yes, the Canadian government charges fees for processing immigration entries, similar to other countries worldwide. The amount you’ll need to pay depends on the specific program, the size and age of your family, and other factors. Fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand Canadian dollars. Please note that all government fees are non-refundable. Therefore, it's important to prepare thoroughly for your immigration process, gather as much information as possible, and consider seeking assistance from professionals in the field.

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